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Having trouble choosing a stand up paddleboard? Check out our article - What is the Best Stand Up Paddle Board to Buy? It covers many factors that people forget to consider.

Foam SUPs

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Foam Stand Up Paddle Boards are considered an "economy" choice and are perfect for beginners and those who desire a softer feel underfoot. An excellent all-around SUP, they perform just fine for average SUPers compared to their more expensive counterparts and are great for yoga, extended journeys and fishing.

The Liquid Shredder foam SUPs offered on this website are more advanced than the cheap foam paddle boards you see at so at many other places. In addition to the EPS coating, which adds to the board's rigidity and durability, Liquid Shredder foam stand up paddle boards have a fiberglass bottom, which makes them glide through the water much faster than a standard EPS foam board. They also have two wooden stringers which adds further stability and rigidity to the board.
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Liquid Shredder FSE Foamie 11' Soft SUP
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Liquid Shredder FSE-LX Foamie 11' SUP
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Rave Sports 10' 8
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