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Having trouble choosing a stand up paddleboard? Check out our article - What is the Best Stand Up Paddle Board to Buy? It covers many factors that people forget to consider.

Inflatable SUPs

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Although they may not appear to be as sturdy as many other types of SUPs, the inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards we carry at paddleboard.surf are amazingly durable. Made of the same exact material that Zodiac® inflatable boats are, our inflatable SUPs can withstand the rigors of everything from crashing ocean waves to white water rivers. In fact, inflatable SUPs are one of the best paddleboards you can buy if you are navigating treacherous waters with objects that could ding traditional EPS boards.

The main advantage of an inflatable stand up paddle board is that it is extremely lightweight. You won't have to worry about how you are going to get an inflatable SUP from the car to the body of water; pretty much anyone can carry a board filled with air! Also, because they don't need to be inflated until you are ready to use them, inflatable paddleboards can be transported in any vehicle - not strapped to the roof like you have to do with practically any other paddle board.
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Liquid Shredder 10' 6
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