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Liquid Shredder Element 6' 4" Fish Surfboard
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Liquid Shredder Element 6' 4" Fish Surfboard

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Part Number:SB6'4 FISH
Product Snapshot:
  • Dimensions:6' 4" x 21.8" x 2.36"
  • Volume:45 liters
  • Board Weight:8.58 pounds
  • Max Rider Weight:Expert (160 lbs); Novice (120 lbs)
  • Construction:Vinyl over EPS foam core
  • Fins:Two

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Discount Liquid Shredder Peruvian Element 6 Foot 4 Inch Fish Surfboard

The 6 ft. 4 in. Liquid Shredder Element Fish Soft Surfboard is a great board for medium to lightweight surfers who are looking for a surfboard that makes it easy to catch waves. While it is true that the Element Fish cab be used in any size surf, the fish tail shape and low rocker allows surfers to stomp on the back end, helping the board pick up speed on lazy waves.

Designed for experienced riders up to 160 pounds and inexperienced surfers up to 120 pounds, the wide board design of the Element 6' 4" Fish surfboard makes it super stable. The fish tail surfboard design allows surfers to catch a wave more easily when surf conditions aren't great. Don't sit on the beach while other surfers are moaning about the lame waves; jump on your fish and show them how it is done!

The 6 foot 4 inch Fish's removable twin-fins provide excellent stability without sacrificing turning ability. Even better, the soft board construction is kind to your feet and body.

Made in Peru - the birthplace of surfing - the 6 foot 4 inch Element Fish surfboard is also durable. Featuring a tough, colorfast, easy to clean and repair vinyl skin over a sealed cell EPS foam core, this Peruvian Hybrid also has Liquid Shredder's Patented Aluminum Stringer System, which makes it both strong and lightweight.

The 6' 4" Fish also features Liquid Shredder's patented Goretex vent, which allows the board's skin to expand and contract with temperature changes. This helps greatly reduce the chance of catastrophic skin delaminations that are ruinous to most other surfboards.

With a width of 21.8 inches, a volume of 45 liters and weighing only 8.58 pounds, the 6' 4" Element Fish surfboard is light and super easy to carry to and from the beach. It'll easily fit in the backseat of even the smallest car!

Best of all, the 6 ft. 4 in. Element Fish Surfboard includes an outstanding 1 Year Consumer Warranty. It ships free to the contiguous United States, too. (For full details about shipping or this board's warranty, please consult the Shipping and Warranty tabs, above.)

(Foot leash sold separately.)

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