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Liquid Shredder Inca 10' 6" Bamboo Epoxy SUP
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Liquid Shredder Inca 10' 6" Bamboo Epoxy SUP

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Part Number:ISUP10'6 EPX BAM
Product Snapshot:
  • Dimensions:10' 6" x 30'' x 4.5''
  • Volume:180 liters
  • Board Weight:23 pounds
  • Max Rider Weight:Expert (230 lbs); Novice (140 lbs)
  • Construction:Bamboo veneer, fiberglass & epoxy resin over EPS foam core
  • Fins:Three
  • Shape:Wide blunt nose, long board shape

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Discount 10 Foot 6 Inch Bamboo Epoxy EPS Stand Up Paddle Board

Made for pretty light novice paddleboarders or considerably heavier experienced SUPers, the Liquid Shredder 10 ft. 6 in. Bamboo Epoxy EPS Fiberglass SUP is a great board for challenging medium size waves and flat water paddling.

Recommended for experienced riders up to 230 pounds and novice riders up to 140 pounds, the long board shape gives this SUP more stability and is perfect for anything but very rough surf. Its tri-fin design gives this paddle board extra balance and control and the rounded nose shape makes it a good board choice for flat water or less intense waves.

Surfers call this type of board construction "glass". The 10 foot 6 inch Inca Series Bamboo SUP has an EPS foam core and a real bamboo veneer deck covered by two 6 ounce layers of fiberglass, making it super fast. A wooden stringer that runs the length of the board gives it extra strength. Its removable thruster fins include a 7 inch adjustable fin with two 3 inch sidebite fins.

The Liquid Shredder 10' 6" Inca Bamboo Epoxy Fiberglass SUP has an anti-slip deck and a Goretex "breathing" vent to reduce internal pressure from heat and help prevent catastrophic skin delaminations. It also has a carrying handle and a leash post.

Weighing only 23 lbs, this 30" wide, 180 liter volume paddle board is very light and not difficult to carry to and from your favorite beach or lake. Its rails, nose and tail are reinforced to help prevent the occasional ding and its fins are removable, which makes the 10' 6 " Epoxy Fiberglass Bamboo Stand Up Paddleboard easy to transport in a padded SUP bag.

Best of all, this Bamboo Liquid Shredder 10' 6" Inca SUP comes with a 90 day manufacturer's warranty, which is three times as long a warranty as you often get with similarly constructed boards. It even ships free to the lower 48 United States. (For full details about shipping or this board's warranty, please consult the Shipping and Warranty tabs, above.)

(SUP paddle & foot leash sold separately.)

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