Affordable SUPs

The stand up paddle board movement is one of the fastest growing in the country. It's no wonder; stand up paddle boards (or SUPs) offer something new, fun and exciting for practically everyone!

Fitness fanatics certainly are all over the stand up paddle board scene. You'll almost never see someone who is a serious SUPer who isn't ripped. That's because you'll use practically every muscle in your body, whether you are peacefully paddling on a placid lake or shredding the ocean waves.

X-sports enthusiasts love stand up paddle boarding, too. SUP paddles give you even more control when you're challenging a wave, creating even more opportunities for truly spectacular jumps and epic aerials. Sitting in a kayak becomes a pretty boring way of negotiating white water rapids after you've been on a paddle board and jumped your way through them!

Are you into yoga? If so, yoga paddle boards are all the rage right now and are ideal for attaining your perfect balance. And, of course, anyone looking for a peaceful, relaxing paddle across a scenic, placid lake will love owning a stand up paddle board.

Whatever you are into, we're sure that you will find the perfect SUP for your needs. Below, is every SUP we carry on this site, along with categories at the top to further refine your search. After scrolling through the products, be sure to check out the bottom of the page where we discuss the different types of stand up paddle boards we offer, which may affect your decision on which type of board to get.

Stand Up Paddleboard Construction

The way that a stand up paddleboard is made affects its buoyancy, the speed at which it cuts through water, its durability and its overall look. Here are the basic stand up paddle board types and the differences between them:

Hybrid Soft SUP

Liquid Shredder invented and holds the patent on this newest and best type of board construction. These Peruvian Hybrid Soft SUPs feature an ADV (anti-delamination vinyl) skin that is applied over a sealed cell X-EPS foam core. This high tech process gives these hybrid paddleboards the slick performance and sheen associated with fiberglass boards but without the worries of separation of the outer shell and inner core that unfortunately plagues so many fiberglass boards.

Liquid Shredder's patented Anti-Delamination Vent allows the outer vinyl skin to expand and contract with changes in temperature. Never experience catastrophic board delamination again! The soft deck pad on these boards is not only a welcome comfort to your feet but it keeps you from slipping off the board, as well.

These paddle boards also feature PVC rail protection which helps protect the board's integrity from the occasional ding. They have dual aluminum stringers, which are much lighter and stronger than the wooden stringers you find on other boards and all seams are electro-sealed, making it impossible for them to separate like glued seams can.

Best of all, if your board does ever get dinged, this type of construction is super easy to repair and looks almost good as new after the repair - something that cannot be said about most other board types. These boards, which are exclusive to Liquid Shredder, feature the best manufacturer's warranty in the industry - One Year!

Epoxy Fiberglass SUP

Known to surfers as "glass" boards, these are the traditional boards that have been the standard for many years. An epoxy fiberglass SUP has an EPS foam core surrounded by a fiberglass outer shell that has an epoxy resin applied over the fiberglass. This makes the board stronger and more buoyant than just a fiberglass outer shell would be.

While they are certainly beautiful boards and quite fast, epoxy fiberglass paddle boards are not as durable as the previously mentioned Peruvian Hybrid boards. This is because epoxy and fiberglass are not nearly as flexible as vinyl is, so it cannot expand and contract with extreme temperature changes.

Surfboard manufacturers attempt to mitigate catastrophic board delaminations by using Gortex Vents, which help to relieve the pressure caused by temperature changes inside of the board.

The vents definitely help, but owners of fiberglass paddleboards should do all they can to make sure that they keep their boards out of extreme temperature situations. This means that when your board is not in the water, you should keep your board in the shade and you should never leave your board inside of a hot car for an extended period of time. Not only will taking this special care help prevent delaminations, but it will also preserve the color of your board, which can fade from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Both our Liquid Shredder and Rave Sports fiberglass paddle boards have one wooden stringer, which helps keep the board stable. The Liquid Shredder epoxy fiberglass boards also have reinforcements around the nose, rails and tail to help guard against dings.

If your board does get damaged at some point, epoxy fiberglass boards are not as easy to repair as the aforementioned vinyl hybrid SUPs. Expect to do a lot of painting, sanding and applying clear coat finishes to the board and, although you can hopefully get close, you'll likely find it pretty difficult to have a perfect match between your repaired area and the rest of the board.

Foam SUP

Foam SUPs are the least expensive type of stand up paddleboard made. They feature a polyethylene foam outer shell over an EPS foam core. It is far less expensive to manufacture an all-foam board.

Other than price, the main advantage of a foam SUP is that it is softer than most other stand up paddleboard types. Your feet and body will appreciate the softer feel after a long day on the water!

The foam stand up paddle boards that are on this website are a little bit different than standard "foamies" you see elsewhere. Made by Liquid Shredder, they have a fiberglass bottom added to the foam, which makes them glide much better than the cheap foam SUPs you see at places like Walmart. The Liquid Shredder foamies also have dual wooden stringers - something that is not common with foam paddle boards. Our Rave Sports foam paddleboards have THREE wooden stringers, making them even more rigid.

Unfortunately, if this type of SUP gets damaged, it is virtually impossible to repair the damage.

Rotomolded SUP

No stand up paddle board is more durable than a rotomolded SUP. A fairly new SUP technology, rotomolded paddle boards feature a hard, high density polyethylene shell that is injected with EPS foam. This is very similar construction to what is used in kayaks.

Like a kayak, the hard outer shell makes this board much harder to dent. Even contact with rocks does not usually affect the outer surface area. This superior durability has made rotomolded stand up paddleboards extremely popular with SUP schools and camps as well as rental facilities.

Delamination is impossible with this style of paddleboard because the foam is injected into the shell of the board, rather than laminated onto it. In the extremely unlikely event that a rotomolded SUP is damaged, repairing the damage is next to impossible. All Liquid Shredder rotomolded SUPs feature a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Inflatable SUP

While you may not think it, inflatable SUPs are some of the most durable SUPs made. That's because the outer surface gives when it comes into contact with other objects and bounces back into place afterward.

Inflatable stand up paddleboards are made with the same military grade, thick rubber that Zodiak™ boats are made from, making them excellent SUPs for white water. That tough inner tube is surrounded by a rugged dropstitch fabric, making it even tougher to puncture the board.

Because they are filled with air, these boards are far more buoyant than most SUPs which makes it possible to carry much heavier and/or inexperienced riders. They are also the most portable paddleboards made. Deflated, they take up very little room and can be tossed into the back seat of any car and inflated when you get to your favorite water destination.