Affordable Surfboards

Sure, if you look around, you can definitely find some cheap surfboards out there. Be careful; though, you get what you pay for with most of the Chinese made boards. Here, you'll find nothing but top quality surfboards at discount prices.

Choose from top of the line Peru Soft Hybrid surfboards or our economy foam surfboards by clicking the subcategory icons, below, or scroll further down the page to see all of our surfboards in one place.

Also, be sure to check the very bottom of this page for information about the differences between the various surfboards we carry so that you can make the best possible choice for your needs!

The Four Surfboard Types You Can Buy

There are four different series of surfboards sold on this website, each with their own unique properties that might influence your surfboards purchasing decision. Those four types of surfboards are the Element Series, Suntech Series, HD Surf School Series and the Foamie Series.

Liquid Shredder Element Series Soft Hybrid Surfboards

The Element Series is a hybrid soft surfboard that Liquid Shredder calls a great beginner and mid-level surfer's board. This is because it has all the advanced features of their pro-style Suntech series boards, but they have wider noses, tails and rails which make it easier to keep your balance while shredding waves.

Liquid Shredder Suntech Series Soft Hybrid Surfboards

The Suntech series is Liquid Shredder's top of the line surfboard made for expert surfers. The thinner nose, rails and tail give professional surfers a lot more maneuverability and with various sizes and shapes to choose from, pro surfers can get exactly the type of board to match their surfing style and the type of waves they will encounter on any given day.

Liquid Shredder HD Surf School Soft Hybrid Series Surfboards

Designed specifically for high use situations, the "HD" stands for "Heavy Duty", so these boards are designed to last. HD Surf School hybrid surfboards have an even thicker skin and the toughest stringers made and are very popular with surf camps, surf schools and rental facilities. They are also great boards for beginners and mid-level surfers because they feature wider noses, tails and rails.

Liquid Shredder FSE Foamie Series Surfboards

Although this is considered Liquid Shredder's "economy" series, don't mistake these for the cheap foam surfboards you'll find at places like Walmart. Liquid Shredder's FSE foam surfboards have dual wooden stringers, making them far more durable and rigid than cheap foam boards and they also have fiberglass bottoms, which make them much faster in the water. The all-foam tops are definitely super kind to your feet, too.